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MzunguHosting is an affordable VPS and dedicated server provider based in Bamako, Mali. MzunguHosting specializes in offering budget friendly, some what reliable solutions for your religious mission critical hosting needs on our Serengeti-scorching 1.41Mbps network. We typically lose power around 3-10 times per day but as soon as the power comes back on we have your server up and running again! We currently operate out of a village in southern Bamako.

- VPS Packages -

Chimpanzee VPS

- 32Mb Ram
- 1 Intel Pentium IV CPU
- 256MB HDD Space
- 500MB Transfer at 1.41 Mbps
- Windows 98 or Linux

(61,646 CFA per month)

Elephant VPS

- 64Mb Ram
- 2 Intel Pentium IV CPU
- 512MB HDD Space
- 650MB Transfer at 1.41 Mbps
- Windows 98 or Linux

(123,293 CFA per month)

Cheetah VPS 2023 MODEL

- 128Mb Ram
- 2 AuthenticAMD FX-8150 CPU
- 704MB HDD Space
- 704MB at 2.82 Mbps Bonded DSL
- Windows 98 or Linux

(184,940 CFA per month)

- Testimonials -

We have over 34 testimonials from happy customers around Africa:

Ousmane Ben Traoré writes:
" Mzungu had mi website up an runnin in no time. i have been making a fortune now with my nigerian scamming site "

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